A Message from the Board of Directors

October 2020


We’ve been incredibly busy with making plans for Nine Lives once Dr. Rudiger retires on December 31 this year and want to update you on our progress. Nine Lives is here to stay; she wouldn’t have it any other way!


So our top priority has been to reimagine our veterinary model, to find the right fit and/or blend of veterinarians to work as a team in a flexible schedule. We’ve put the word out, posting ads, engaging a headhunter and also looking into securing vets who want to volunteer on a regular basis. We’re interviewing veterinarians with experience in high-volume, high-quality spays/neuters and overall medical care of cats – with promising candidates.


Our goal is to create a flexible team capable of adapting to a broad spectrum of needs within our community. Because of critical demand, we’re focusing short-term on providing low-cost spay/neuter services for local cat rescues, trappers and the community. Doing this in the interim helps save lives by helping local rescues get cats and kittens spayed/neutered, vaccinated and adopted into loving homes. And it helps reduce the number of unwanted kittens born to stray and feral cats in the community. Rest assured that our new vet team also will continue to provide medical and surgical care for cats in our Adoption Center and those in our foster program. We’re still in the business of finding cats forever homes! Our mission to save cats and kittens in the Bay Area remains unchanged.


Under Dr. Rudiger’s leadership and with your steadfast support, Nine Lives has flourished— we’ve saved over 21,000 cats in 16 years. She leaves us with a solid foundation and understanding that our ability to adapt to change—within the scope of our mission—is key to save the most cats and kittens in our community possible.


We’ll keep you up to date more frequently as we go through this transition, including how we’ll honor Dr. Rudiger for her lasting achievements on behalf of cats and kittens in the Bay Area.

Thank you for your continued support!


Board of Directors

Nine Lives Foundation