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Every year, millions of cats die from FIP.  Until recently this terrible disease was 100% fatal -- but thanks to the work of researchers at the University of California Davis a cure has been found!  FIP IS NOW TREATABLE!  

Facts about FIP treatment

Now that we have the potential to save these cats from this fatal disease, Nine Lives Foundation will do all within our power to help provide the treatment for our rescued or adopted cats or kittens that are later diagnosed with FIP.  We believe this is in keeping with our original mission to save lives. For many families the financial burden will be too overwhelming to pursue and difficult decisions will likely be made. We would never want one of our adopted cats or kittens to face euthanasia or surrender because of a financial burden so we will do our best to absorb the cost to save their lives whenever possible. We are currently treating 17 FIP patients, both cats and kittens, some who have been adopted and some who are still in foster care. Our financial outlay this year will be tremendous but so too will be the knowledge we will gain from this exciting new anti-viral treatment that gives us hope where before there was none.

Since our first cat’s treatment began, Nine Lives has also had the opportunity to assist families and other rescues from all over the Bay Area and beyond who have heard of this potential cure for their cats but who have no idea where to begin. We offer information, resources for ordering supplies, training for treatment administration - anything we can do to help these cat owners help themselves because sadly they are on their own with this experimental treatment until it becomes licensed for veterinary use in the United States.  We believe EVERY cat deserves a chance!

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Surviving FIP: Meet Peanut

While in foster care at Nine Lives, Peanut was diagnosed with the wet form of FIP in December of 2019.  Only a few months earlier, this might have been a death sentence -- instead, Peanut was swiftly put on treatment and showed improvement within days.  


Treatment lasted 84 days, and during this time, all symptoms of FIP disappeared.  Over the course of treatment Peanut was finally well enough to grow in a healthy manner and experienced a growth spurt -- nearly doubling in weight during the treatment period. He also became visibly more active, and by the end of treatment appeared in all respects to be a completely healthy, normal kitten.

Peanut completed his treatment in early March and is currently in remission. If he continues to be healthy for 12 weeks following the end of his treatment, he can officially be considered cured of FIP!

Today Peanut is an active kitten, living his best life with his buddy Fiona at his foster home.

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Meet a few of our kitties and help them fight FIP!



Cobb was diagnosed with wet FIP, and is midway through his treatment.  Donate to support Cobb!



Cobb was diagnosed with wet FIP, and is midway through his treatment.  



Juice began treatment for FIP in January and is doing well!  



Mitzy was recently diagnosed with FIP and is just starting treatment.

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