A True No-kill Shelter

Nine Lives Foundation is proud to be a true no-kill shelter!  We adhere to the following criteria in order to meet this classification:

  • Nine Lives never uses euthanasia on a cat or kitten, except for humane reasons such as pain and/or suffering or when an animal has a severe medical condition with a poor prognosis. We will do everything possible to treat the cat's medical condition.

  • Nine Lives will never transfer a cat to another shelter or rescue facility that uses euthanasia on animals for any reason other than those stated above.

  • Nine Lives does not euthanize cats deemed anti-social or that have behavior problems. We will spend the time necessary to help the cats adjust to their new environment. Most of these otherwise" unadoptable" animals have found permanent loving homes through the efforts of our organization.

  • Nine Lives never euthanizes cats or kittens deemed too young, of insufficient weight, or in poor health upon admission to our shelter. All cats and kittens regardless of size or medical condition are given the chance to thrive with proper medical care and nutrition.

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