The Nine Lives Foundation strives to make your adoption experience fun and enjoyable!  Our population of adoptable cats is both large and diverse so you may need to return several times before selecting the perfect cat or kittens!

The Smurf & Wanda ADOPTION

By appointment only due to COVID

3106 Rolison Road, Redwood City

Young kittens (under 3 or 4 months of age) are often housed in foster homes to protect their delicate immune systems. We recommend that you visit the shelter first to see the kittens that are available. We will put you in touch with the foster coordinator to show you kittens in foster care that may also be available but too small to be shown in the shelter.

Kittens under 5 months of age must go in pairs!  Exceptions are made if you currently have a kitten of similar age in your home.  We will ask you to bring it in to the shelter to match with a compatible partner!


Adoption Fees include:


  • Spay / neuter surgery

  • FeLV/FIV test

  • Pets 911 or Home Again microchip

  • deworming

  • age appropriate vaccines*

  • (FVRCP & Rabies)

  • vet exam

  • nail trim

  • complimentary dose of Advantage Multi/Advantage II or Revolution

  • Senior cats & FIV positive cats may receive age appropriate labwork & dental cleanings


* Additional vaccines required for kittens following adoption are the responsibility of the adopters

Adopting a Kitten

Interested in adopting a kitten?  Learn more about our kitten adoption policies!

Adopt a FIV+ Cat

We love FIV cats!  Learn more about this misunderstood disease, and why you should consider adopting a cat with FIV!

Foster a FeLV+ Cat

We are looking for permanent foster homes for our healthy FeLV kittens and cats.  Learn more!

Find your purrfect match!

Need some help selecting the right cat or kitten?  

Adoption Policies and Requirements

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age with valid ID/CDL.

  • Applicants under 18 must have application completed by parent or guardian living in residence where cat will reside.

  • If renting a home or apartment, we will require landlord telephone contact or lease agreement information.

  • For information about renting with pets, visit the Humane Society of the US website : Renting with Pets: Tips

  • We require up to 5 business days to review applications, complete vet exams & necessary procedures (spay/neuter/dentistry).

  • All adoptions are subject to 2 week trial period. Northern California residents preferred.

  • If adopting to a household with children, we recommend that they be present when making the final selection.

  • If adoption to a household with a dog, we require that you schedule a time to bring the dog to meet the cat.

  • Please remember to have FUN while choosing your new companion!

  • Nine Lives Foundation will gladly cover any needed medical treatments free of charge in our facility for any illnesses that may have been contracted at the shelter. These will include URI (cold symptoms), diarrhea, changes in skin or coat (possible ringworm), ear mites, worms or fleas (Within the first 2 to 3 weeks of adoption only)


We cannot reimburse for charges incurred at another vet hospital, so please contact us immediately if you need assistance.  If you live out of the area we are happy to send medications to you or call into a pharmacy of your choice.


We will always take back cats or kittens adopted from the Nine Lives Foundation. If you should need to surrender your adopted cat or kittens back to us, we ask whenever possible that you notify us in advance by phone or email so that we prepare a space in our shelter.

If you have medical records, we would appreciate a copy to add to the cat's file for future adopters.


If you do not live in the area and want to rescue from a local no kill shelter please click here for a list 

Adoption Fees


8 weeks to 11 months

Adoption fee: $100 each

Kittens under 5 months must be adopted in pairs

Special Needs Cats

Physical and behavioral disabilities or medical issues

Adoption fee: 

at Dr. Rudiger's discretion

Barn Cats

Adoption fee: $50

Must be adopted in pairs

email for more info

Adult Cats

1 year to 9 years

Adoption fee: $100

Check our monthly specials

FIV Cats

Adoption fee: $100

Learn more about FIV cats at NLF

Senior Cats

10 years and older

Adoption fee: $50


No adoption fee

Foster only

Medical care provided by Nine Lives

Learn more about FeLV


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