About the Nine Lives Foundation

The Nine Lives Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit cat welfare organization that rescues cats and kittens from high-kill shelters and at-risk homeless situations and places them in our no-kill facility until they can be placed in permanent, loving homes. Nine Lives Foundation provides all necessary medical treatments for its shelter cats through an on-site veterinary clinic, including those with physical, medical or behavioral disabilities.


Nine Lives Foundation provides low cost spay, neuter and vaccinations services for cats and kittens in our community, both privately owned and stray or feral cats to help reduce the number of unwanted kittens born annually in the Bay Area. We encourage the work of those responsible citizens who actively trap, neuter and return homeless feral cats living outside to managed feral colonies. Spaying and neutering homeless and/or feral cats is the only way to stabilize the popluation and reduce the senseless euthanasia of tens thousands of kittens every year. Reduced fees are offered to private citizens and rescue groups who bring in stray and feral trapped cats or kittens for surgery and vaccinations. All stray and feral cats must arrive in humane traps.


Our no kill shelter/Adoption Center is open to the public. Our goal is the place our cats and kittens in safe, permanent homes and living situations depending on age, temperament and health status. We welcome adoptions of indoor only, indoor-outdoor, barn, business and winery cats. Our adoption counselors will work hard to help select the appropriate cats or kittens for each unique situation. If at any time, cats or kittens adopted from Nine Lives can no longer remain in their current living situation, they may be returned to our no kill shelter.


Nine Lives Foundation never uses euthanasia on a cat or kitten, except for humane reasons such as pain or suffering or when a cat has severe medical problems with a poor or grave prognosis.


We apologize that we do not routinely accept surrenders of privately owned cats into our facility due to the astounding number of cats and kittens in immediate danger of euthanasia in local shelters. Priority is given to those cats or kittens that are at-risk of death or injury or those that are homeless or abandoned. 


Exceptions are occasionally made but are at the discretion of our founder and veterinarian, Dr. Monica Rudiger. All surrenders are subject to a surrender fee (tax deductible donation) of $25 for kittens up to $100 - 300 for adults depending on medical condition and age to help us provide the appropriate medical care.

Stray or abandoned cats with nursing kittens or litters of kittens without a mom cat are routinely accepted with the following fees and conditions and IF SPACE ALLOWS:

  • A $50 fee is required for the mother cat to cover the spay surgery and a $25 fee per kitten. Feral vouchers for residents of San Mateo County to help with this surgery fee are available. See our spay/neuter page for details on the voucher program.

  • Orphaned kittens are subject to a $25 fee per kitten (at Dr. Rudiger's discretion)

  • We will require that the mom cat be trapped, spayed and surrendered with the kittens to prevent the birth of more homeless kittens. Traps are available for rent at Nine Lives Foundation to help you capture the mom and kittens. ($50 deposit required)

  • If the mom cat is feral, we will ask that she be re-released back to the property where she may be safely cared for and fed on the premises after the kittens are weaned.


For resources and information about trapping stray & feral cats or kittens please visit Alley Cat Allies @ www.alleycat.org



Help us save lives! Please spay & neuter!

Nine Lives Foundation does not receive funding from any city, state or government agencies.


We rely solely on private donations, adoption fees and funds generated from the low cost spay/neuter and vaccination clinics.

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Our History

Founded in 2004 by Dr. Monica (Thompson) Rudiger DVM, the Nine Lives Foundation began in a tiny warehouse space in Redwood City that was originally The Scratching Post, Dr. Rudiger's cat only boarding facility. While working part-time at a local animal shelter, Dr. Rudiger learned first hand the fate of most cats and kittens entering city shleters.


Due to the overwhelmeing influx of cats and kittens, difficult decisions are made by shelters daily to make space for new arrivals. Cats and kittens with medical or perceived behavioral issues were eliminated first, followed by the underweight, elderly or injured animals. Nine Lives Foundation was established to provide safe haven (a no-kill shelter) for these high risk cats and those passed over as "unadoptable' by other shelters.


The Feline Well-Care Clinic, also established in 2004, helped provide low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations and veterinary medical care for local cat rescue organizations and the underserved community. All funds generated from the Feline Well-Care Clinic supported the Nine Lives Foundation no-kill shelter. In 2011, the Feline Well-Care Clinic veterinary clinic was closed to allow Dr. Rudiger to focus on the shelter cats and low cost spay/neuter service for the community.

In 2016, Nine Lives Foundation opened their low cost spay/neuter and vaccination clinic on Jefferson Avenue in Redwood City serving cat rescue groups and the local community.  In 2018, the Smurf and Wanda Adoption Center was opened, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment to help find forever homes for our resident cats.

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