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FIV+ Cats

Nine Lives Foundation is proud to welcome FIV positive cats into our no kill shelter and strives to educate the public and other veterinarians about this often misunderstood viral disease. Our dedicated FIV enclosure is home to many healthy and adoptable FIV positive cats that have come to us from Northern, Southern and Central California. These beautiful cats are routinely adopted and may live safely with non-FIV positive cats.


Nine Lives Foundation adopts FIV positive cats to indoor homes and to well-managed barn, winery or business living situations that minimize exposure to other intact males cats or potentially diseased cats. As the majority of the FIV population is made up of previously homeless intact males, that were exposed to the virus through territorial fighting, we strive to minimize exposure to this often volatile situation.


For more detailed information about the feline immunodeficiency virus, we recommend the Cornell University Feline Health Center website. Numerous studies, papers and videos are also available for viewing through our website. See resources below to learn more.


Nine Lives Foundation considers our adoptable FIV positive cats to be special needs and will cover veterinary medical expenses at our facility for issues relating the the teeth and gums for the life of the cat. Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and mouth (stomatitis) are very common findings in FIV positive cats and many need routine dental care and extractions throughout their lifetime. A majority of the cats will receive a dental cleaning and extractions during their exit exams at the time of adoption. We offer this service to minimize the cost of veterinary medical care needed to maintain a healthy FIV positive cat. All other veterinary medical care is the responsibility of the adopter.