Foster homes provide a safe, nurturing, non-stressful environment for cats in all stages of life! This includes cats that need rehabilitation before they can be adopted, cats with special needs who need extra medical care, cats who require a little more patience to help them find their confidence, and kittens who need a safe space to grow and develop properly until they are old enough to be adopted. 


Fostering usually involves keeping the cat, litter of kittens, or mom with kittens in your home, separated from any resident cats or dogs, in a crate or spare bathroom or bedroom until they are recovered or old enough to be adopted and spayed or neutered (usually 8 weeks of age).


The foster time commitment may be as little as 1-2 weeks or as long as a few months, depending on the case. If you are fostering and have a planned vacation or trip, we are happy to accommodate you with temporary foster care until you return.


Fosters are not responsible for finding homes for the cats or kittens nor are they responsible for any medical care if needed. All check-ups and medical care as well as spay/neuter, vaccinations, and deworming are provided by Nine Lives Foundation at our facility.


We do ask that our foster families live or work within 30 miles of Redwood City to make the required check-ups, medical care, and surgical services as convenient as possible. Foster check-ups for kittens are scheduled every 2 weeks until adoption. Please be aware of this time commitment... we will do our best to accommodate your schedule!

Giving these cats even a temporary home will help them on their journey to becoming wonderful adoptable pets. Can you give them a safe space to thrive?

Interested in fostering?

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Fostering is a great way to see if your family will want to adopt!


Fostering can be a wonderful experience for families with young children wanting to share the joy and excitement of having a pet..... without the long-term commitment of cat ownership!

What do I Need to do if I Foster Kittens?


If kittens are not being fed by their mom, or are not weaned, bottle feed them at intervals appropriate to their age


Bring them to Nine Lives every two weeks (call clinic for appointments) for checkups and vaccinations. All medical care is provided by Nine Lives. 


Provide a safe, warm environment for your foster kittens. A bathroom or spare bedroom is a great place to keep them.


Keep the kittens' environment clean -- change/wash bedding, scoop litterbox


Monitor the kittens' growth and well-being. This includes weighing the kittens regularly


Give the kittens love and attention to help socialize them and prepare them for their forever home!

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