Adopt a Cat with a Passport!

Reserve your well-traveled tabby now before they're all spoken for! These cats and kittens will be available in approximately 3 weeks.  They will receive a full vetting, spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip and flea treatment upon arrival.

For a $50 deposit, you can reserve your future feline friend, and the reservation fee will be applied to the adoption fee of $150.  When the cats arrive in the US, you may be asked to temporarily foster your adoptee for a few days until their spay/neuter appointment, at which point their adoption will be finalized.  Reservation fees are non-refundable except in the case of adoptions that cannot be completed for medical reasons.

Please note: kittens under 5 months must be adopted in pairs.  Any cats that are marked as bonded with another cat must be adopted together.

Kuwait Cat Project 2019 - #KCP2019

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Why Kuwaiti Kitties? 🇰🇼

Currently Nine Lives Foundation has more demand than adoption-ready cats.  Meanwhile in Kuwait, a crisis is brewing for rescuers who have been rescuing cats from abandonment, abuse, neglect and kitten mills.  These cats have no place to go in Kuwait, as there are no animal shelters or animal adoption agencies, and rescuers have limited resources.  Within a couple months the temperature will soar to daytime temperatures of 108 to 118 °F -- sometimes reaching 129.2 °F.  (for more information on conditions check out this article)  These cats need help immediately.


In response, Nine Lives is extending its life-saving mission and helping to bring these cats to the US for adoption.  We are starting by bringing cats to the US for adoption in May 2019 before local shelters are overwhelmed by kitten season, and are planning a future trip to do TNR in conjunction with local animal rescuers.  Our goal is to raise approximately $5,000 in order to fix 100 or more stray/feral cats in Kuwait.  We are also raising money to help defray travel expenses for the cats. (Travel expenses per cat average $200-$300/per cat)

Please help!

Donations of $50 or greater will receive a limited-edition #KCP2019 t-shirt to help spread the word!  Adopters will also receive a t-shirt! Select one of the donation options for the Kuwaiti Cat Project.


Questions?  Email

Adoption Details
  • Adoption fee is $150 per cat or kitten.  

  • Adoption deposits will be applied to the adoption fee

  • Kittens under 5 months must be adopted in pairs

  • Cats will arrive in the US in early May (date TBD).  Adopters may be asked to temporarily foster their cat for a few days until their spay/neuter appointment and exit exam

  • Reservation fees are non-refundable unless the adoption cannot be completed for medical reasons

  • Adopters will receive a limited-edition #KCP2019 t-shirt

How to reserve a cat or kitten

Email with the name(s) of the cat(s) you would like to adopt.  Your reservation is not complete until the deposit is paid.

To pay your deposit, click here, and choose "Kuwaiti Cat adoption or t-shirt" and in the drop down, select "Adoption deposit for Kuwaiti Cat" and enter the cat name in the space below.


Remember, kittens under 5 months must go in pairs, so reservations with a kitten under 5 months must include a second kitten. (separate deposit/adoption fee required)

Reserve now - they're going fast!



Pepper - Adopted!

Female  - 6 months

Friendly and curious about everything. Pepper is very sweet and adventurous very friendly, playful and smart.

See more photos and video


Zara - adopted!

Female  - 3 months

Very playful and smart, she knows how to make you smile! When its bed time she likes to cuddle up by your neck like a scarf!

More pictures


Fatoosh - adopted!

Male  - 3 months

Fatoosh is a talkative boy!  Everything is an adventure to him and he finds fun in the smallest matters.  He loves to give kitty kisses!

More pictures


Dots - Adopted!

Female  - 3 months

Dots is playful and cuddly.  She can be shy and jumpy when there are sudden sounds, but she loves to make eye contact and then run to you.

More pictures



Female  - 6 months

Friendly but shy at first.  Loves head rubs and attention once she knows you.

See more photos and video


Elsa - adopted!

Female  - 3 months

This is a very precious little one. She is all about love, If she is playing and comes across you, she will make sure you get your hug and kiss before she continues playing.



Male  - 11 months

Friendly and cuddly, Luke loves to sit on  your shoulders, and loves kisses!

See more photos and video


Neve - adopted!

Female  - 10 months

Neve is friendly, cuddly, sweet, and playful.  She wants to be around people all the time!

See more photos and video


Chloe - Adopted!

Female  - 8 months

If you want a lap cat, Chloe is the one!  Extremely friendly and affectionate!

See more photos and video



Female  - 2-3 months

An adorable kitten!

See more photos and video


Wany - adopted!

Male  - 2-3 months

An adorable kitten

See more photos and video


Jonny - adopted

Male  - 2-3 months

An adorable kitten

See more photos and video


Dr - adopted!

Female  - 12 months

Dr is playful, quiet, and sweet.  She loves to play with yarn and feathers, and loves to cuddle and be petted.



Male  - 10 months

Joey's foster mom says he is funny, lazy , playful, sweet, smart and affectionate.

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Lucifer - adopted!

Male  - 9 months

Lucifer is a sweetheart at the core, and gets along well with people and other cats.  He loves to be petted and picked up.  He is good with kids.  He is a Turkish Angora mix.



Male  - 7 months

This playful guy loves attention!  He gets along fine with small dogs and other cats. (Large dogs unknown)



Male  - 7 months

Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes (with my pug)
Good with Kids: Yes
Character: Cuddly and playful



Female  - 7 months

Bio Coming Soon


Gardenia- Foster to Adopt

Female  - 6-8 months

Gardenia is calm and sweet, but can be startled by sudden movements.  She was found as a kitten with a big wound on her neck.  Luckily the finder contacted a rescuer who got her veterinary help.  Today she's a happy, healthy girl

More pictures



Male  - 10 months

Mdhat has all the purrrsonality traits Arabian Mau cats are known for.  He'll follow you around and waits to be petted. He has a habit of climbing up to your shoulder when he thinks he's being ignored. A bit protective, but with a bit of time gets along well with other cats. As a kitten he'd had a very bad ear infection that resulted with a slight head tilt. Otherwise he's as healthy as he can be.


Namla- adopted

Female  - 5 months

Namla is large Arabian Mau kitten who loves to hang on your shoulder while you do anything. She'll rub her face against the side of yours to her love. She is a sucker for treats and wet food. She’s very sensitive. It takes awhile for her to get along with other cats. She’s very bad at defending herself. She will be the first on your lap or shoulder when you sit.



Female  - 12 months

Sweet, timid until she knows you. Loves catnip, toys and chasing the laser pointer.

See more photos and video


Khaneen -Adopted

Male  - 6 months

This calm, funny, fluffy boy loves to be carried.


Pinenut - adopted

Female  - 11 months

Bio Coming Soon


Barook - Reserved

Male  - 12 months

Bio Coming Soon



Female  - 6-7 months


Mushroom- Foster to Adopt

Male  - 5 months

Bio Coming Soon




Female - 2-3 years

Friendly, affectionate, calm and very playful, but may take some time to learn to trust.  Gets along with other cats, but would do best alone or with non-dominant cats. 

See more photos and video


Sweet Hulk

Male - 3-4 years, FIV+

Sweet Hulk is a total love bug and total lap cat!  Loves belly, head and chin rubs.  Gets along with other cats, but does better with non-dominant cats

See more photos and video


Queen - adopted

Female - 2-3 years

Queen wants to be the center of your attention and will follow you around, but does not like to be picked up.

See more photos and video



Male - 1 year 9 months

Sweet, funny and super active, Orange will follow you around and loves playing fetch with his favorite toy.  He is a clever boy, and has learned how to open doors and windows.

See more photos and video



Female - 2-3 years

Friendly, funny and active, Carmen loves humans after she gets used to them.  She runs like a rocket when she sees the laser dot! She’s crazy about the back rubs and has the funniest facial expressions.

See more photos and video



Male - 4 years

Coming Soon



Male - 2 years

He loves attention, head bumps, petting, talking, He is very sweet. He was found dumped at the seaside and had been out for quite a while as when he was found his eye was in bad shape and he was black in color and fully matted ... his coat was one big matt.  Slightly sensitive tummy, but does well on Royal Canin Sensible dry food and small portions of chicken or pate tinned food.



Male - 2 years, FIV+

This calm, friendly, sweet, talkative boy only wants to be loved and petted.  His fluffy coat was matted, so he was shaved.

See more photos and video


Jood - Adopted

Female - 1-2 years

Bio Coming Soon

More photos


Monkey - Foster to Adopt

Male - 2 years

Bio Coming Soon


Lonely - adopted

Female - 3 years

Bio Coming Soon

More pictures



Male - 1.5 years

Casper was found with a big open wound on the back of his neck aggravated by him scratching it. The vet in Kuwait tried all kind of treatments but last they decided to declaw his back legs, which was the only way to stop him from scratching. He is fully healed now.  

Photos and video


Gargamel - adopted

Male - 2 years

Would likely do best as an only cat.  


More photos and videos


Mizna - adopted

Female - 1.5 years

Bonded with Sir


Rajab - adopted

Male - 1.5 years

Bio Coming Soon


Sir - adopted

Male - 2 years

Sir is a big sweetheart!  He was found nearly dead, but with vet treatment and some love and attention, he has recovered!  He loves attention, and loves to be held like a baby!


Bonded with Mizna


Sharif - adopted

Male - 1-2 years

Sharif is sweet and friendly, and he wants to be petted all the time!

Sharif was dumped outside, and didn't know how to fend for himself.  The local stray cats were beating him up. He kept crying and trying to come into a woman's house, and she contacted a rescuer who picked him up.



Male - 2 years, FIV+


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