Our Veterinary Medical Services

The Nine Lives Foundation is proud to offer high-quality, low cost spay/neuter and vaccination services for cats at our clinic!

Low Cost Cat Vaccination Clinic


Nine Lives Foundation offers the following vaccines & services at our weekly vaccination clinic on Wednesdays from 4-7 pm. No appointment is required.

FVRCP Vaccines

Kitten series

Initial vaccine @ 8 weeks, followed by boosters

at 12 & 16 weeks


FVRCP #1 ............... $15.00

FVRCP #2 ............... $15.00

FVRCP #3 ............... $15.00


1 year & 3 year boosters

FVRCP 1 yr ............... $20.00
FVRCP 3 yr ............... $20.00

Rabies Vaccines

RABIES vaccine -- Merial PureVax Rabies (1 year)

Cats/kittens at least 16 weeks of age

RABIES .......................$24.00

RABIES vaccine - Zoetis Defensor 3 RABIES

1 year & 3 year (age dependent)

1 yr ............... $10.00
3 yr ............... $10.00

FELV vaccines - Merial PureVax FeLV

1 year - $24

Drontal - Feline


$10.00 / pill

Toenail Trim

All paws - $10

Anesthesia charge may also apply if needed

IDEXX - FELV/FIV Snap test


Results in 10 minutes

911 Pet Chip - Microchip


$10.00 - feral cats in traps

Learn more about 911 Pet Chips: 


Guidelines for Vaccinating Your Cat or Kitten

  • Vaccinations for your kitten begin at 7-8 weeks of age and continue every 4 weeks until 16 weeks of age (8 weeks, 12 weeks & 16 weeks)

  • FVRCP vaccines protect your cat or kitten against the most common viral upper respiratory diseases (Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia)

  • If your cat or kitten is older than 4 months when he/she receives the first FVRCP vaccine, one more booster 2- 4 weeks later is required for complete immunization. A booster is given 12 months later and then every 3 years thereafter.

  • A minimum of one FVRCP vaccine is required for your cat or kitten at least 14 days prior to the spay/neuter appointment.

  • Cats that will be living outside should receive Rabies and Feline Leukemia vaccinations annually. The Rabies vaccine is protective for only 1 year (Merial PureVax Rabies) and can be given as early as 16 weeks of age

  • Feline Leukemia vaccines can be given at as early as 8 weeks and boosted once more 2 to 4 weeks later, and then boosted annually (Merial PureVax Feline Leukemia).

Possible Common Post-Vaccination

Self-Limiting Side Effects 

(may occur in the days following)

  • mild fever

  • lethargy

  • poor appetite

  • limping (polyarthritis)


These symptoms will resolve within a few days and do not generally require veterinary medical care

Possible Uncommon Serious Post-Vaccination Side Effects

(indicating severe allergic reaction)

  • weakness

  • collapse

  • rapid heart rate/ weak pulse

  • acute vomiting or diarrhea

  • difficulty breathing


Please seek immediate veterinary medical care for any of these symptoms following vaccinations

Low-Cost Cat Spay Neuter Clinic

​We offer spay and neuter services for the following types of cats:

  • TRAPPED STRAY & FERAL CATS - maximum 3 cats per trapper

  • 501c3 non-profit RESCUE GROUPS - friendly, vaccinated cats, 5 cats per rescue group

  • Privately owned cats


Low Cost Spay (female)


includes spay surgery, gas anesthesia, pain meds, SQ fluids, antibiotic injection

 Low Cost Neuter (male)


 includes neuter surgery, gas anesthesia, pain meds,SQ fluids, antibiotic injection

Appointments are appreciated for feral cats in traps.

  • The minimum weight for surgery is 2lbs.

  • One FVRCP vaccine required at least 14 days prior to surgeryProof of vaccination required at time of surgery drop-off (except feral cats in traps)

Spay/neuter vouchers for San Mateo County residents accepted.

Voucher must be presented at the time of surgery.

San Mateo County Voucher Program info

To schedule a spay/neuter appointment or for more information please call 650-368-1365

Please read:

Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) Services

Benefits of spay/neuter:

  • fewer unwanted kittens

  • decreased transmission of FELV & FIV

  • less desire to roam & fight

  • decreased urine spraying

  • decreased risk of mammary/testicular cancer

  • healthier & happier cats!


The Nine Lives Foundation believes that spaying and neutering is the key to ending the senseless euthanasia of millions of wanted cats and kittens each year.  Grounded in science, TNR stops the breeding cycle of cats and therefore improves their lives while preventing reproduction.

Feral/Stray Spay (female)


includes spay surgery, gas anesthesia, pain meds,SQ fluids, antibiotic injection

FVRCP & Rabies vaccines (age appropriate)

Left ear notch

Microchip $ 10.00 - optional

Feral/Stray Neuter (male)


includes neuter surgery, gas anesthesia, pain meds, SQ fluids, antibiotic injection

FVRCP & Rabies vaccines (age appropriate)

Left ear notch

Microchip $10.00 - optional

Feral cats & kittens must come in humane traps. A carrier is recommended to allow us to transfer the cat after surgery.


All feral cats will receive a left ear tip to indicate that the cat has been fixed and vaccinated.


Feral cats may be released the same day of surgery with our anesthetic protocol.  Lactating (nursing) female cats & moms with kittens should be released immediately if kittens are still at large.  


If you trap or locate a pregnant cat, please call us immediately and we will do our best to help you to prevent the birth of more unwanted kittens! 

Visit alleycat.org for more information about caring for stray & feral cats in your community.


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